Quake - Arcade Tournament Edition

Arcade Video Game published 21 years ago by LBE Systems

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Quake - Arcade Tournament Edition © 1998 LBE Systems.

An arcade conversion of the classic 1st person shooter from ID Software. It features special custom weapons, network capabilities for multi-player competitions, death-match stages and special prizes that can be print out like a redemption machine.


CPU : Pentium PC
Graphics : Quantum 3-D video card

Players : 1
Control : trackball
Buttons : 7


This game is a prototype and was never released, reportedly only 20 units were manufactured. When the game was introduced, Lazer-Tron was bought out and due to problems with the contracted programmer, the game had its development canceled.

There's a keyboard and mouse below the control panel (not accessible by the player, however).

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