Quadra Pong

Arcade Video game published 46 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Quadra Pong © 1974 Atari.

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Quadra Pong was released in March 1974.

This was the first widely released cocktail style arcade game. It was only available in an small table format that had a surface area of around 2 feet by 3 feet. Their were control panels on either end, each of which had an analog spinner control located at each corner. The surface of the control panel smoothly arched up slightly, meeting a piece of curved plexiglass that covered the monitor, and then that plexiglass met the other control panel. So basically the surface of the game was not flat, but was a mild arch instead, probably to keep people from setting their drinks on the game. Almost every other cocktail arcade game ever made had a flat surface, so this one is rather unique in that aspect. The side of the machine was all white, and featured sideart that advertised 'QUADRA PONG' in a 'futuristic' font. This was also a bit off, since cocktail tables almost never have sideart.

Inside the game lived a standard black and white television that was installed at a 45 degree angle to the sides of the machine, so each player had a corner facing directly at her. It looked sort of like a diamond inside a rectangle. The game ran on a single printed circuit board that had no RAM, no ROM, and no processors to be found anywhere.
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