Pyramid Adventures - Episode 1 - Treasures of the Lost Pyramid

A 25-year-old Phillips CD-i Game by Compact Disc Inc.

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Pyramid Adventures - Episode 1 - Treasures of the Lost Pyramid © 1993 Compact Disc Inc.

It's summer vacation for Dash Daniels... In this integrated and innovative approach to teaching children about nutrition, Dash and his cat Mozart visit Egypt with Dash's Aunt Olivia, an archaeologist. Together they discover the Lost Pyramid, whose treasures hold the secrets of a long and happy life. But then, Olivia is captured by the wicked ANTU! And Dash - with your help - must journey through more than 150 Lost Pyramid rooms to find her. Along the way, You'll learn about the NCI 5-a-day guidelines for daily fruit and vegetable consumption. And you'll learn to make the low-fat, high-fiber food choices that will lead you to Aunt Olivia's rescue. So come join the adventure and learn about nutrition with Dash in a way that is so entertaining you'll hardly know you're learning!


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