Pump It Up Extra

Arcade Video game published 20 years ago by Andamiro

Pump It Up Extra screenshot

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Pump It Up Extra © 2001 Andamiro Company, Limited.

As it is another Korean release, this version should be considered another successor of The Perfect Collection, not from The Premiere.

This version is quite unique : it changed Crazy's name to Extra Expert (or XX for short), introduced a brand new interface, a new Double challenge (the XX Double) and the hold arrows. As it is a Korean release, the Nonstop Remix mode returned.

On the new interface, the blue arrows choose the songs as usual, but the red arrows change the game mode. With a single credit one can play songs from any mode (considering the limitations like Double modes only being available when there's only one person playing, and Battle mode only being available when there are two players). Like in The Premiere, the center arrow is used to confirm the selection.


MK3 Arcade System


Pump It Up Extra was released on Januray 20, 2001 by F2 System, an Andamiro affiliate which also produced in 2000 the Techno Motion dance simulation game.

Two of the songs from this version are signed by F2 System: 'Holiday' and 'Can Can'. Can Can, which now has an artist of Radezky since its inclusion on Prex 3, appears in the KPOP section of Exceed, despite being produced specifically for Pump It Up. It has since been moved to the Banya channel in Exceed.


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