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List of sound playables on this page (19 files):

01 mission (title demo).vgz
02 strain (start demo).vgz
03 back alive (stage 1).vgz
04 cry out enemy (stage boss).vgz
05 stirring (stage clear).vgz
06 seen through (stage 2).vgz
07 wrath of earth (stage 3).vgz
08 the jupiter spirit (stage 3 boss).vgz
09 cheer up (stage 4).vgz
10 planet of forest (stage 5).vgz
11 foul smell (stage 6).vgz
12 ankoku seiun (stage 7).vgz
13 end of war (stage 8).vgz
14 galactic ruler (final stage).vgz
15 galactic ruler 2 (last boss).vgz
16 revive (ending).vgz
17 ocean war (continue).vgz
18 game over.vgz
19 head waver (name entry).vgz