PSR [Promotion Sales Register]

Trade Stimulator published 90 years ago by Boduwil

Impossible to emulate.

PSR [Promotion Sales Register] © 1931 Boduwil Co.

Rotate knob on right, forward or backward, to position tape and align an arrow with the pointer in the middle of the display. Push down on the button in the middle which will ring a bell and punch out your winning number into the tray on the front of the machine.


13½ inches wide.
9 inches high.
7¼ inches deep.

Top of Paper Tape repeats statement "Lots of fun playing Boduwil - Sweeten the day with candy".
Bottom of Paper Tape has vertical arrows that are to be aligned to the pointer in the middle of the machine.
Middle of the Paper Tape probably had a number (printed on the front or back of the tape.


Released in July 1931.


Machine's picture.