Pro Tennis World Court [Model GS-160]

This Sharp X68000 Series 5.25in. disk. is listed and emulated in MAME !

Set(s) list:
 x68k_flop: ptennwc
Information last updated on November 08, 2020.
Set's name: "ptennwc"
MAME's description: Pro Tennis World Court

ROM name="pro tennis world court (1990)(sps)(disk 1 of 2)(disk a).dim" size="1261824" crc="219f730f" sha1="61b440254a14f478beb9ca0b5cc1a18c88612ced"
ROM name="pro tennis world court (1990)(sps)(disk 2 of 2)(disk b).dim" size="1261824" crc="2d51ff28" sha1="3592ff87bc7c74b1887b047fc596629550c21668"

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