Pressure Cooker [Model AZ-032]

Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by Activision, Inc.

Pressure Cooker [Model AZ-032] screenshot

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Pressure Cooker © 1983 Activision

Business is booming at 'The Grille'. Hamburger orders are just pouring in. But back in the Assembly Room, the Food Dispenser is pouring out condiments everywhere. Help Short-Order Sam fill each order with the proper combination of tomatoes, onions, lettuce and cheese. And don't forget the bun! Then, rush the completed orders to the Wrapping Room fast. Alright cooks, grab your spatulas!


Model AZ-032


Back in the 80s, if you scored 45,000 points or more in this game. You could take a photography of your television and send it to Activision to become a member of the 'Short-Order Squad' and to win a Short-Order Squad emblem.

The cook’s graphics were designed so that when he is facing left, you can make out the letter K (for programmer Garry Kitchen) on his body.


Each time you catch a condiment you score 5 points.

You score 10 points for placing any type of condiment on any hamburger for the first time.

100 points are awarded each time you drop a completed hamburger into the correct wrapping chute.

Efficiency Bonus Points and Burger Bonus Points reward you and boost your score at the end of each wave.


Tips from Garry Kitchen, designer of Pressure Cooker.
(Garry Kitchen is a Senior Designer at Activision. In addition to Pressure Cooker, Garry designed the best-selling hit, Keystone Kapers. Garry is a dynamite ping-ponger and, of course, loves to eat hamburgers.)

"The Automated Food Services Silver Kitchen waits for no cook. Of course, neither do customers. Here are some tips I use to keep the customers happy and take some pressure off myself."

"First of all, keep moving. The open-flame oven never stops cooking, so you never have time to just stand around. Run to the conveyor belt and place the condiment on the hamburger. After dropping a hamburger into a wrapping chute, hurry back to the Assembly Room. Don't waste time watching the order fall into the sack."

"Also, it is important to remember that the Food Dispenser only throws out one condiment at a time. So, if there is one in particular that you need, then move closer to the dispenser and reject the ones that you don't need. It'll really speed things up, and you'll get the condiment that you need sooner."

"Lastly, there will be times when you catch a condiment that you don't want. When that happens, place it on the hamburger at the top of the conveyor belt and hope the next order will need it. But more importantly, try not to catch any useless condiments."

"When it's closing time at 'The Grille', and all the customers have gone home, drop me a line. I'd love to know how your shift went."


Programmer: Garry Kitchen


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