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Premier Manager Ninety Nine [Model SLES-01544]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Gremlin Interactive, Ltd.

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Premier Manager Ninety Nine © 1999 Gremlin Interactive.


Game ID: SLES-01544


Development Team
Producer: Bill Newsham
Lead Programmer: Lee Garrett
Lead Artist: Shaun McClure
Programmers: John Carlyle, Jacob Habgood
Artists: Phil Brown, Emel Aikiah, Dawn Whitehead-Binns
Music & Sound FX: Kev Saville
Statisticians: Steve Morgan, Paul Newsham

Programmers: Phil Rankin, Kevin Dudley
Artist: Michael Hirst
Player Research: Richard Stevenson
Motion Capture: Mick Sheehan, Andrew Lee, Rob Millington
Motion Capture Artists: Michael Owen, Simon Tracey
Commentator: Barry Davies

Test Supervisor: Steve Lycett
Lead Tester: Lee Campbell
Testers: Andrew Horne, Ian Sanderson, Andrew Wilson. Lee Barrow
Test Supervisor: James McCarthy
Localisation: Sarah Bennett
Manual & Packaging: Martin Calpin, Richard Cartwright, Chantal Beaumont, Kim Blake
Development Manager: Tom Forge
Creative Manager: Pat Phelen
QA Manager: Carl Cavers
Marketing & PR: Chris East, Michelle Kelso
Special Thanks to: Graham Taylor, Gareth Taylor, Mark Beard

We would also like to thank Empics Ltd for their kind support and assistance with player photographs during the production of Premier Manager Ninety Nine.