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Premier Manager 98 [Model SLES-00738]

Sony PlayStation CD published 26 years ago by Gremlin Interactive, Ltd.

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Premier Manager 98 © 1998 Gremlin Interactive.


Game ID: SLES-00738


The game incorrectly lists FC Kosice as champions of Austria where they are from Slovakia.


When you get you select your opponents for your pre-season friendly games, select Juventus for both of your away games. This will give for £2 Million for each game, totalling to £4 Million for both games.


Lead Programmer: Lee Garnett
Producer: Bill Newsham
Programmer: Dave Sowerby
Lead Artist: Shaun McClure
Artists: Tom Kelly, Phil Brown, Dave Hall, Emel Aikiah, Kaye Elling
Music & SFX: Kev Saville
Player Research: Richard Stevenson
Statistician: Steve Morgan

Lead Programmer: Phil Rankin
Programmer: Jonathan Ackerley, Jacob Habgood, Kevin Dudley
Artist: Michael Hirst
Motion Capture: Mick Sheehan, Andrew Lee, Rob Millington
Commentary: Barry Davies

Creative Manager: Pat Phelen
QA Manager: Carl Cavers
Test Supervisor: Jon Watson
Development Manager: Martin Hooley
Lead Tester: Lee Campbell
Testers: Andrew Horne, Steve Woodward, Eric Booker, Ian Sanderson
Test Support: James McCarthy
Localisation: Sarah Bennett
Manual & Packaging: Martin Calpin, Richard Cartwright