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Premier Manager 2000 [Model SLES-02292]

Sony PlayStation game published 19 years ago by Infogrames Interactive, Inc.

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Premier Manager 2000 © 2000 Infogrames Interactive, Inc.


Game ID: SLES-02292


Released on March 31, 2000 in Europe.


Infrogrames Sports Staff
Presented by: Bruno Bonnell
Special Thanks to: Jean-Philippe Agati

Marketing Artwork: Emmanuelle Tahmazian, James Senior, Bill Bird
Technical Department: Emmanulle Perigault-Vigier, Rebecka Pernered, Catherine Claustres

QA Testing (Sheffield House)
QA Manager: Steve Lycett
QA Console Supervisor: Julia Sturman
Lead Tester: Asad Habib
Testers: Nick Herling, Carrie Hobson, Rob Taylor, Jody Hindle, Dominic Hartley, Barrie Tingle, Dan Wedster, Jay Hartley
Test Support: James McCarthy

Legal: Matthias Schneider, Tim Peel
License Manager: Etienne Piquet-Gauthier
Localisation: Jim Murdoch, Sylviane Pivot, Valerie Maillot, Sarah Bennett
Public Relation: Catherine Louvier

Infogrames - Leeds/Sheffield
Studio Manager: Tom Forge
Producer: Phil Bradley
Programming: Lee Garnett, Ady Waterhouse
Menu Graphics: Allan Bednar, Kaye Elling
Animations: Phil Brown, Kaye Elling, Dave Hall, Rik Lodge. Steve Noake, Jon Taylor
Music & SFX: Kev Saville
Design: Jon Hughes, Craig McCracken

Match Highlights
Programmers: Phil Rankin, Lee Hickey, Chriss Bayliss, Alex Ferrier, Jon Watson, Mick Lister, John White, Kevin Dudley, Jacob Habgood
Artists: Michael Hirst, Steve Warburton, Paul Clayton, Andy Vernall
Motion Capture Team: Tony Wills, Mick Sheehan, Andrew Lee, Rob Millington
Database: Richard Stevenson, Paul Bellamy, Ali Brownsword, Mark Freeman, Andrew Horne
Commentary: Barry Davies
Recorded at Matinee Studios - Reading

Packaging Design by The Source
Thanks to: Kevin Keegan, Philippe Larribau, Paul Martin