Prehistorik Man [Model SNSP-APUP-EUR]

A 22-year-old Nintendo Super NES Game by Titus

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Prehistorik Man © 1996 Titus

Prehistorik Man is a side scrolling platform game by Titus. One night, a herd of hungry and greedy dinosaurs eat all the food a Neanderthal village had stored for the winter, and the elder chief decides to send Sam, the chosen one, to save the village from starvation. The old chief tells the story of a legendary dinosaur graveyard hidden far to the North, and the valuable bones (the prehistoric currency) may be the village's only hope of averting the crisis. Our caveman embarks on a long journey through twenty-three stages to gather food supplies - but his mission is far less straightforward than it first appears and Sam will also undertake many tasks along the way, such as killing a fierce spotted lion or retrieving gemstones to unlock a giant stone-head. Our caveman comes equipped with a large club with which he can clobber a variety of roaming creatures - but his more powerful weapon is his yowl which he can charge up and unleash to knock out all enemies on screen. Another of his trick is to run on fours like a dog to reach full speed in a blink of an eye in order to jump over chasms and obstacles. Sam is also tasked with collecting bones left behind by the creatures that roam the land - these can be used to purchase new temporary weapons, extra lives or important information about the visited areas. Some of the village folks are also more than meet the eyes - the inventor always comes up with exotic ideas and marvelously inventions that Sam can use on his journey, and the blacksmith can build new and improved weapons.




The first Prehistorik game was released for the PC, Amiga, Atari ST and Amstrad CPC in 1991. However, this Super Famicom version is based on its sequel, Prehistorik 2, released for the PC and Amstrad CPC in 1993.

Export releases:
[US] "Prehistorik Man [Model SNP-APUE-USA]"
[JP] "P-Man [Model SHVC-APUJ-JPN]"


* Level Select: At the title screen, select "Options". Then go over "Exit" and hold the Left shoulder button and press Start. Then go over "Game Start" and hold the Right shoulder button and press Start. Now, at any time during the game, press Start to pause the game and press Select to access the Level Select Screen. Also, pressing Select at anytime during the game skips to the next level.


Design: Rob Stevens, Francis Fournier, Florent Moreau, Eric Zmiro
Programming: Rob Stevens
Map Graphics: Francis Fournier
Backgrounds: Francis Fournier, Jean-Christophe Alexcandri, Paul Tumelaire
Sprite Animation: Jean-Christophe Alexcandri
Boss Graphics: Paul Tumelaire, Didier Carrere
Additional Graphics: Sotheara Khem-Kong
Music: Gilles Rea, Laurent Mignard
Music Implementation: Eric Caen
Midi Conversion: Eric Caen
Music and SFX Programming: Rob Stevens
Sound Effects: Rob Stevens
Stage Layouts: Rob Stevens, Francis Fournier, Frederic Gerard, Herve Trission
Map Editor Tools: Eric Caen
Directed by: Rob Stevens
Produced by: Eric Caen, Florent Moreau
Executive Producer: Herve Caen


Nintendo GBA (2001) "Prehistorik Man [Model AGB-APHP]"

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;