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Prehistoric Isle 2

SNK Neo-Geo MVS cart. published 25 years ago by Yumekobo

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Prehistoric Isle 2 screenshot

Prehistoric Isle 2 © 1999 Yumekobo.

A side-scrolling shooter featuring helicopters and a great sequel to the previous game, filled with great details and good pre-rendered graphics combined with good sound effects.

The plot takes us this time in the future where they have been a series of attacks in some parts of the world, leaving destruction in its wake, all this is caused once again by a invasion of legions of dinosaurs, to control this disastrous tragedy, we resort to the army, who sends two of his best helicopter armed with high-tech weapons, with which it hopes to eradicate the prehistoric menace.

The players controls one of two types of helicopters, main difference is in the type of weaponry, both are re-powered by a series of power-ups which is obtained by eliminating the enemies, the Blue One has a wide and straight ahead shot and the bomb is a huge powerfull wave cannon and the Green One fires a spread shot and the bomb fires a multitude of grenades that eliminates effectively the enemies in front. There are to rescue and defend several civilians survivors of all the Jurassic army to earn points and power-ups to face the enemy boss of end phase and go the next level.


Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID : 0255

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 2
=> [A] Shoot, [B] Bomber


Prehistoric Isle 2 was released in September 1999.

This game is known in Japan as "Prehistoric Isle 2 - Genshi Tou".

This game runs on the Neo-Geo MVS but was not released on the Neo-Geo AES home console.


* Challenge star : Successfully complete a stage without losing any lives.

* Bonus Time : Build your weapon to maximum level, then select the same color again. Kill your enemies while in bonus time to increase the score multiplier up to x16.

* Extra Bonus score: Near the end of stage, always are a TOUCH ME helicopter to rescue the civilians you pick un in the stage (not in stage 3 and 6). Instead of droping them there, avoid that helicopter and carry them to the end of the stage and beat the boss, obviously without dying. For every rescued civilian, you will get a 1x multiplier, so you can multiply the bonus by 5 if rescue all the civilians.


Executive producers : S. Takaoka, Tanaka
Producer(rq) : James. W
Planner : Barso
Direction helpers : Satoshi ito, H. Miyagami, J. Seki
Main programmer : Yuki
Programmers : Y. Takasaki, Buttaku99, Masumura
Tool programmer : Hiroaki Torii
Chief designers : Y. Yonezawa, T. Nagakubo
Designers : Masato Miyoshi, Michitaka Ishida, Yuko Hara, T.Hirokawa, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Sho Tabira, kyo Yamanaka
Design helpers : S. Katou, K. Mikamoto, R. Nagashima, H. Nobe, H. Ochiai, M. Shibata
Sound designer & music composer : Masahiko Hataya


Game's ROM.
Game's picture.