Power Drive Rally

A 23-year-old Atari Jaguar Cart. by Time Warner Interactive

Power Drive Rally screenshot

Emulated in MAME !

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Power Drive Rally © 1995 Time Warner Interactive.

Forget everything they taugh you in Driving School.

Because we're goin' off-road! No yellow lines. No junctions. No pesky pedestrians. Just you and the most wicked circuits on the globe.

Searin' through the Arizona desert. Boggin' across the African plains. Shreddin' over the Alps...You name it, you're there - pedal down and white-knucklin' it all the way to the finish line (or a cow pasture, if you're not careful).

So buckle up, pop the clutch and get ready to terra up de firma in the ultimate 64-bit off-road extravaganza.


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* Change car color (at the car purchase screen): U/D

* Freeze/Pause your opponent: 6

* Un-freeze/Un-pause opponent: 9

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