Police 911

The Arcade PCB by Konami Corp.

Emulated in MAME !



Police 911 © 2001 Konami Corp.


Main CPU : MPC8240 (@ 200 Mhz)


Police 911 was released in December 2000.

This game is known in Europe as "Police 24/7" and in Japan as "Keisatsukan Shinjuku 24ji".

An interesting aspect about Police 911 is that during the game when a suspect is arrested, his face is blurred out in mosaics while his mugshot is has his eyes covered with a black censor bar which is actually similar to most japanese news broadcasts tend to censor a suspect by blurring his or her face with a mosaic blur while the mugshot has the black censor bar across the eyes which is intended to protect the privacy of the suspected perpetrator.

Game's ROM.

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