Pinball published 22 years ago by Stern Pinball, Inc.

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Playboy © 2002 Stern Pinball, Incorporated.


Stern Whitestar
Model Number : 76

Main CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Sound CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Display CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 4 MHz)
Sound Chip : BSMT2000 (@ 24 MHz)


Playboy was released in February 2002.

Interchangeable photo inserts was included - clothed and nude.


CPU Release : 1.00
Display Release : 1.00
Sound Release : 1.00
Date : February 6, 2002
- This is the initial release of software.

CPU Release : 1.01
Date : February 11, 2002
- Multiplayer Jackpot values are now being initialized correctly
- Increased the # of bunnies awarded during Mansion Mania bunny awards
- Added a mansion mania bunny award to the drop target. Players will have a better chance to get to December now
- The Extra Ball from playmates will now reflex as needed. If the Grotto is unable to meet the desired percent of extra balls then the # of playmates required to light extra ball will move in effort to do so.
- Changed Consolation ball to light extra balls at 2.25M from 1.75M
- Changed Replay Value to 15M from 12M
- Fixed switches. Some switches were erroneously reporting themselves as bad when they were not.
- Fixed Pajama Multiball Scoring. Pajmam Multiball was inflating its score prematurely. It will no longer be premature.
- Fixed Consolation Ball to not give out an extra ball if the player tilted
- Changed the Tilt and Tilt Warning sound FX
- Increased the Mansion Mania ball save timer from 7 to 17 seconds.
- Lowered the Replay display effect priority so it will not interrupt Mansion mania start.

Display Release : 1.01
Date : February 13, 2002
- Changed "BUNNIES" to "COLLECTED" during the bonus
- Changed other references to bunnies in diagnostics

CPU Release : 1.02
Date : February 13, 2002
- Reduced the # of bunnies the player starts with from 19 to 8
- limited the # of extra balls from super Mansion manias. Consecutive super mansion manias will not award extra ball.
- Reduced the Mansion Mania ball save time from 17 to 15 seconds.
- Super Mansion Mania will no longer give extra bunnies with each bunny award.

Display Release : 2.00
Date : February 25, 2002
- Added Adjustment for Consolation Ball.
- Changed Tease display effect to show the points.
- Added points page to the SUPER MANSION MANIA display effect.
- Added settings for Adult Content adjustment.

CPU Release : 2.00
Date : February 26, 2002
- Change the # of times a mutliball device will kick before giving up.
- Added delay before kicking ball from shooter groove to help it settle more before it is kicked.
- Changed default PLAYBOY champion initials to LIT.
- Drop target will no longer score while resetting.
- Added time to the ball saver time for Pajama Party Multiball.
- Added left and center ramp compentions at the left ramp lock.
- Reduced the number of skills you can get to one per ball.
- Alison's full print out now works.
- Fixed regular printout.
- Portugal coinage now works as requested.
- Added Consolation Ball adjustment.
- Increased the number of settings for the Adult content adjustment. There are now four settings : OFF, DOTS ON, SPEECH ON, BOTH ON
- Set the Consolation Ball Adjustment to off for France.
- Increased the delay before the volume goes away after releasing the buttons.
- Multiball devices will not stopping kicking while the door is open. They will not abandon while the door is open.
- Fixed Tilt while balls locked. They will now kick out.
- Fixed the Tilt audit. It will now be audited correctly.
- Fixed. The Drop target will no longer timeout if multiball is lit.
- Fixed. A jackpot award scored during the grace will not start the multiball timers
- Added and Fixed the sound test. It now plays a sound from all four ROMS.
- Triple Jackpot will not flash when the game is all dark and attention is elsewhere
- Triple fanfare music will now only play inplace of main play when it was already playing.
- Strip Poker scores are reduced to start at 250k and go to 1 million.
- Strip Poker now awards 5 bunnies when you win
- Added Super Mansion Mania bonus of 5 million points.
- Changed the tease display effect to show the value of the last bumper hit.

Sound Release : 1.02
Date : February 28, 2002
- Reduced the volume of start of game wolf whistle.
- Found sound that was crashing the sound system and fixed it.

CPU Release : 2.01
Date : March 1, 2002
- Fixed. Triple jackpot will now work correctly from Grotto and Mansion Mania.
- Fixed. Tease Complete Value will now be initialized correctly.

CPU Release : 2.02
Date : March 12, 2002
- Added The Triangle mech to the ball search routine.

Display Release : 2.01
Date : March 12, 2002
- Added more translations

CPU Release : 2.03
Date : March 26, 2002
- Added Magazine to the ball searching routines. The Magazine will open now when the game is searching for the ball.
- Added a feature where the game will tease one of the toys each game start.

CPU Release : 3.00
Date : April 5, 2002
- Changed Coinage for German Euros.
- Removed triangle mech switches from being tested for min and max.

Display Release : 3.00
Date : April 5, 2002
- Changed coinage for German Euros

CPU Release : 3.01
Date : April 16, 2002
- Changed game start toy feature to work for all game starts and not just local game starts.

CPU Release : 3.02
Date : May 7, 2002
- Fixed Coinage to initialize properly after a factory reset.

CPU Release : 3.03
Date : Aug 27, 2002
- Made sound board reset after everygame to help with the sound going away problem.

Display Release : 4.00
Date : Oct 08, 2002
- Tournament code added.

CPU Release : 4.00
Date : Oct 08, 2002
- Tournament code added.

CPU Release : 4.01
Date : Oct 10, 2002
- rev change only

Display Release : 5.00
Date : Feb 5, 2003
- current/start/stop date(s) adjustment added.

CPU Release : 5.00
Date : Feb 5, 2003
- TimeKeeper clock code added to auto start/stop tournaments.


Concept and Designers : Dwight Sullivan (XAQ), George Gomez (GG)
Artwork : Kevin O'Connor
Software : Dwight Sullivan, Lonnie D. Ropp (LON), Orin Day
Dots/Animation by : Mark Galvez (M G)
Mechanics by : George Gomez, Wesley Chang (WES)
Music and Sounds: Kyle Johnson


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