Plaque Attack [Model AX-027]

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Activision, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !

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Plaque Attack © 1983 Activision.

Flash! Across America, awful jawfuls of junk food are causing deadly dental decay. Plaque is spreading its invisible film, turning teeth yellow as they decompose before our very eyes. Blast this junk with toothpaste before it gets to your teeth! And don't let up. This is the Plaque Attack, by cuspid, the last stop before gum city!

Game 1: One player. Advanced. Difficulty and points increase rapidly as your score rises.
Game 2: Two players. Same as above.
Game 3: One player. Beginner. Less rapid increase in difficulty, less rapid increase in points.
Game 4: Two players. Same as above.


Model AX-027


Tips from Steve Cartwright, designer of Plaque Attack.
(Steve is one of Activision's most prolific game designers. His previous releases, Barnstorming, MegaMania, and SeaQuest quickly established his outstanding reputation. Aside from video games, Steve enjoys motorcycle touring, photography, and brushing after every meal.)

"Hello there! Let me give you some tips to help you survive the Plaque Attack. It's almost impossible to recover from poor oral hygiene (i.e., sloppy gameplay) experienced in the early stages. The best strategy is to acquire as many bonus teeth as possible as soon as you can."

"Next.. .when things get really hairy, don't bother going after food particles that are not moving towards your teeth. If they're moving off to the side, let them go, concentrating only on defending your teeth from food heading their way. This means playing defensively when the going gets tough. Whereas, in the early stages, it's best to play offensively, blasting away all the junk food in sight."

"Also, remember that the food always reverses direction as soon as a tooth is attacked. Try to save the tooth, then turn your tube around immediately and continue shooting."

"You know, this game is just like real life: Poor tooth care at the star will get you in the end. And the sooner you develop good dental habits, the longer your teeth survive. So put down that junk and write me a letter! Tell me about your system of tooth care--on screen and off!"


Programmer: Steve Cartwright


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