Plants vs. Zombies The Last Stand

Redemption game published 8 years ago by SEGA Amusements Europe

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Plants vs. Zombies The Last Stand © 2013 Sega Amusements Europe, Ltd. [Chessington, England, UK]

Plants vs. Zombies, developed by 'PopCap Games' the creators of the top puzzle game "Bejeweled", is coming to the arcade! Sega’s "Plants vs. Zombies The Last Stand" puts the player at the control of a cabinet-mounted Peashooter that fires peas - yes, peas – to stop advancing waves of zombies. If any zombie crosses the players last line of defense, the game is over. As zombies are destroyed, tickets are paid out. If all Zombie Waves are destroyed, the player wins the bonus. A unique feature of "Plants vs. Zombies The Last Stand" is the end-of-game, video displayed QR Code, which allows players to register their score online in a global high-score table. Players can also earn unlock codes that can then be used to change the game in crazy new ways!
- Ticket redemption
- 42" LCD screen
- Sunflower seat
- 10 gardens to defend
- Online leaderboard
- Fun unlocks to discover
- LED-lit Peashooter controller
- Optional capsule vend
- Free "Plants vs. Zombies The Last Stand" standee included



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Official website: http://www.segaarcade.com/plantsvszombies/