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Planet Patrol [Model SA-202]

Atari 2600 cart. published 42 years ago by SVI

Listed in MAME

Planet Patrol [Model SA-202] screenshot

Planet Patrol © 1982 Spectravideo.

Your assignment is to patrol your planet day and night. As you fly your space craft you must avoid enemy fire and destroy their spaceships. Don't forget to refuel occasionally or this could make your mission a short one. Beware of sunset because as soon as the night creeps in, the dark makes your task become impossible.


Model SA-202


SVI started out as Spectravision and released their first 6 games under this name (Planet Patrol being one of them). In late 1982 they changed their name in Spectravideo. The 6 games got a re-release in 1983 under the new name.


When nighttime falls and it's hard to see the enemy, fire at random to get some light to show you the way.

After rescuing the stranded pilot, push DOWN. The enemy bases that are usually randomly located will always appear in the three lowest positions.


Game's ROM.