Arcade Video game published 37 years ago by Cal Omega

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Pixels © 1983 Cal Omega.

A 'match the people by color and number' game. Player has the chance to exchange up to 5 people (Pixels) per game. The 'bounced' Pixels disappear and new Pixels march on with the sounds of tramping feet. If winning combinations are obtained, then comes the option of playing 'Double' where the player can double his skill points. When the player has a win, he has 2 choices. He may keep his win with the 'Take' button or try to double it with the 'Double' button. If 'Double' is selected, a random display of Male and Female Pixels flash on the screen. The player then presses either the 'Male' or 'Female' button. When the action stops, if the Pixel on the screen matches the button presses, he wins.
Housed in a 'The Derringer' cabinet.
Released in Auguts 1983.
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Game's ROM.