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Pitfall 3D - Beyond the Jungle [Model SLUS-00254]

Sony PlayStation CD published 26 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Pitfall 3D - Beyond the Jungle © 1998 Activision, Inc.

Pitfall Harry explored the most treacherous jungles in the world, but never imagined what awaited him beyond the jungle. While exploring the caverns of South America, Harry fell into a dimensional rift that transported him to a world of unearthly dangers. This mysterious land, once inhabited by an evil temptress... Now her next target is Earth, and it's up to Harry to defeat her army of sinister creatures to save it! Swing on vines, jump acid-filled pits, hurdle dissolving platforms, avoid scorpions, and encounter new pitfalls, like energy fields and morphing beast. Scramble through city ruins, trek through and active volcano, and escape a prison colony before the final battle in the Scourge's Lair.Attack real-time 3-D creatures with never-before-seen weapons and power-ups, use swift moves to evade enemies that morph from the ground. Encounter blue lucense that cause flotation, exploding platforms, swinging rings, bursting lava pits and homing proximity mines.

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Released on February 28, 1998 in North America.

The game was rated T (Teen, it have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Producer: John Lafleur
Director: David Pass
Art Director: Robert Stahl
Lead Artist: Jeffery Buchanan
Texture/Conceptual Artist: Silvio Porretta
3D Animator: Derek Friesenborg
Effects/3D Modeler: John C. Adams
2D Artist/Texture Mapper: Jody C. McMurrian
3D Modeler: Junki Saita
Character Design: Christian Gossett
Animation Consultant: Bill Kroyer
Overall and Boss Design: Ryan Sinnock
Overall Design and Layout Lead: Aaron Cammarata
Overall Design and Layout: Brian Clarke, Scott Pease
Design Consultant: Sean Vesce
Lead Programmer: Francois Yves Bertrand
Senior Programmer: Andrew G. Silber
Shell Programmers: Justin Lloyd, Gary Jesdanun
Additional Programming: Amir Feinsilber, Ben Diamand
Associate Producer: Jay Halderman
Composer: David Logan
Sound Design by: Soundelux Media Labs

Pitfall Harry: Bruce Campbell
Mira: Catherine Sutherland
Arcam: Tom Kane
Scourge: Tom Kane
Produced by: Activision & Unlikely Films Inc.
Director: Jeff Goldsmith
Illustrator: Christian Gossett
Colorist: Allen Coulter
Story by Activision Inc.
Screenplay: Jeff Goldsmith, Christian Gossett
V. O. Audio Engineer: Michael B. Schwartz
Audio/Video Technicians: Brian Bright, Ken Ramirez
Animation/Compositing Effects: David Dalzell, Tony Derosa, Nancy Matson
3D Effects: Larry Paolicelli
Cinematics: Brian Heins
Editing Supervisor: Christopher Hepburn
Editors: Jeff Goldsmith, Jamie Green
Inker: Ariane Bazin
Assistant Colorist: Luc Nicolai
Production Assistant: Scott Hyman

Director: Tony Grant
Lead Designer: Jeff Brown
Design Team: Ryan Sinnock, Aaron Cammarata, Tin Guerrerra
Additional Art: Juan-Carlos Rodriguez, Paul Waggoner

Sr. QA Project Lead: Tim Vanlaw
QA Project Lead: Mitchell Goldman
QA Testers: Michael Spann, Winnie Lee, Igor Krinitskiy, Nat Hobson, Brian Ullmer, Lani Ramos

Director of Console Marketing: Marc Metis
Associate Product Manager: Will Kassoy
Marketing Associate: Alison Horstmeyer
Senior Publicist: Julia Roether
Manual: Belinda M. Van Sickle

Special Thanks: Stephanie O'Malley Deming, Howard Marks, Josh Resnick, Marc Metis, Page Morris, Henry Siegel, Frank Alizaga, Ron Gould, Eveline M. Cureteau, Daniel Atkins, Bryant Bustamante, John Spinale, Sarah Cigliano, Murali Tegulapalle, David Stohl, Jean Powell, Teresa Landgraff


Game's CD.