Pit Fighter - The Ultimate Competition [Model PA2070]

A 26-year-old Atari Lynx Game by Atari

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Pit Fighter - The Ultimate Competition © 1992 Atari Corp.

Your karate abilities, boxing skills, and wrestling techniques will be put to the test as you battle the roughest fighters ever to enter the pit. You and your tag team must defeat a series of opponents on the road to the championship. There's no such thing as fighting dirty when there are no rules, so do whatever you have to do to win. If you see a barrel near the pit, pick it tip and throw it at your opponent. When your opponent is down, nail him. Everything counts. To win, you must give your opponent a worse beating than he gives you. Make no bones about it, your opponent will hurt you. But you must hurt your opponent even more.


Model PA2070


* Each opponent has different skills. Learn to anticipate your opponent's moves when you attack.

* When you get knocked out, choose a fighter whose abilities work Best against the type of opponent you are fighting. If your opponent is close to being knocked out when you go down, choose a fighter who will do well against the next opponent.

* Learn to evade your opponent. There is no shame in staying alive. But you'll have to get close to knock someone out.

* Pick up weapons and items whenever possible. These will help your knock out your opponent faster. Don't miss the Power Pill hidden in one of the items. It will provide your fighter with superhuman strength for a short period of time!

* Learn how and when to use the super moves. Generally speaking, it is best not to use a super move when you are in your opponent’s face. The time it takes to execute a super move allows your opponent to get in a few shots. Of course, if you connect with a super move, it is all worthwhile.

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