Dedicated Console published 47 years ago by Sèleco S.p.A.

Ping-O-Tronic screenshot

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Ping-O-Tronic © 1974 Sèleco S.p.A.

Built-in games: Tennis, Squash, Attract mode, Target (from model PP-5)


Designed with discrete components (over fifty transistors and twenty diodes) and only three TTL chips (7400 type). All of the graphic objets (paddles, ball, boundaries) and sync signals are generated by transistor flip-flops and one-shots. The chips combine the individual signals so as to manage events like collisions between the ball and a paddle, or a lost ball. They may also be used as triggers for the serves.

Models PP-5 and later have an additional 5-pin DIN plug on their left side to connect the Gun-O-Tronic accessory, which allows playing a target shooting game, which almost no other analog system plays.


One of the earliest 'Pong' consoles for the home market.

Italian company Zanussi was the manufacturer of this long line of Ping-O-Tronic models releasing them under the Sèleco brand.

Starting with the PP-1 in late 1974, their last model (PPT-10) was released in 1977.


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