Pier Solar and the Great Architects [Model T-574016-50]

Homebrew Sega Mega Drive cart. published 13 years ago by WaterMelon

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Pier Solar and the Great Architects © 2010 WaterMelon.

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GAME ID: T-574016-50


Development of the game began on June 8, 2004 as a small project by the community of the website Eidolon's Inn, a community dedicated to homebrew-development for Sega video game consoles. The project was originally intended to be a simple RPG based on the members of the community, and the target platform was the Sega CD. At that time the project was simply called Tavern RPG, a reference to the website's message boards being called The Tavern.

As development progressed the original idea was abandoned in favor of a full-fledged fantasy RPG of greater scale. By 2006 the game engine had become sophisticated enough that the creation of actual content could really begin. While most of the Eidolon's Inn community was no longer directly involved, other people joined the team, leading to a core of eight members with additional help from many more.

Goals for the game became ever more ambitious, with the development being switched from the Mega-CD, for which CD-ROMs would have been inexpensive to produce, to the Sega Genesis, a system using more expensive cartridge-based storage media. To allow for the transition without having to reduce the amount of game content, it was decided to use a cartridge with 64 megabits of memory, making it technically the "Biggest" game cart for the system, while finding a way to utilize the superior sound hardware of the Mega-CD at the same time if the device was present.

The game was announced in a developer's blog with the launch of a website shortly after revealing the game's final title in January 2008. A demo was released later the same year to play on emulators, with pre-orders starting at the same time. A release at Christmas 2008 was announced. The game got considerable media attention for a homebrew title during the following months, with the UK magazine Retro Gamer featuring a two-page article in issue 49 and numerous websites reporting on it.

However this release date was not met, the developers citing the departure of a team member who had contributed essential graphics to the game, and his wish not to have his work used in the final version as the main reason. The delay was announced on November 14, 2008, but no new release date was given. Still media attention remained steady, with Germany's longest running print video game magazine M! Games and UK magazine Games TM reporting.

The game was shipped in on December 20, 2010., two years after the originally intended release date. Three different versions of the game have been released: Classic, Posterity and Reprint. The Classic and Posterity editions each have three different language packs, while the Reprint features the three most common European languages: English, French and German. The Japanese language pack originally included Japanese and English languages but the Japanese language was dropped and French and Spanish included due to a lack of volunteers to proofread the Japanese translation.

Even prior to the game's official release date, the game had already sold out through pre-orders. Due to overwhelming demand, WaterMelon decided to produce a second, also limited, run with a so-called "Reprint Edition", which sold out in 12 days. WaterMelon announced the production of additional copies as Thursday, September 15, 2011. The third and final forecast re-print of the Genesis/Mega Drive cartridge was due to be released on March 25, 2014. It has yet to happen, but Watermelon has assured fans they will be ready for late April/early May. However, this release date was not met either. This reprint edition finally started shipping to customers in late February 2015.


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Project Leader: Tulio Adriano Gonçalves
Story Writer: Tulio Adriano Gonçalves, Phyu Win, Sean Currie
Game Scripting: Tulio Adriano Gonçalves, Phyu Win
Tool Development: Tulio Adriano Gonçalves, Gwénaël Godde
Additional Composition: Tulio Adriano Gonçalves
Creative Direction & Lead Programmer: Gwénaël Godde
Background designer: Gwénaël Godde, Dániel Horváth
Map Designer & Art Direction: Gwénaël Godde
FM & PCM composer: Zable Fahr
Sprite Artist: Zable Fahr, Dániel Horváth
Cutscene Artist: Zable Fahr
Z80 Music Driver Programmer: Tiido Priimägi
Tracker Programmer: Tiido Priimägi
Character Designer & Monster Designer: Dániel Horváth, Victor Ramon Gomez
Script Writer: Sean Currie
NPC Designer & Sidequest Designer: Carl-Johan Brax (Zebbe)
Magic Designer & Item Designer: Carl-Johan Brax (Zebbe)
FX Artist: Stephen Teko
Monster Pixel Artist: Stephen Teko, Noah Ark Studio, Ian Schlaepfer, Millie Rose
Mega-CD Programmer: TascoDLX
Character Artwork & Cutscene Artwork: Armen Mardirossian
Cutscene Pixel Artist: Richard Gatineau
Ambient SFX Designer: Lionel Godinho
Fight Background Artist: Ian Schlaepfer, Andrew Bado
FM SFX Designer: David Burton (Groovemaster303)
Public Releations: Matthew Bennion
Webmaster: Matthew Bennion
Manual Editor: Matt Kamen
Additional Programming: Steve Palmer
Translation from English by: : Aurette Wolsztynski, Frédéric Chevoleau, Sebastian Sponsel, Hiromi Cheslock, Miles DeVinny, Adrián Cantador, Raúl Cuevas, Roberto Bechtluff
Betatesting and QC: : Alex Lou, Carl-Johan Brax, Carlos Oliveros, Collin Pierce, Daniel Franzini, Daniel Rabe, Eric Campbell, Gérald Mas, Gunter Fippel, Heiko Poppen, Igor Zobin, Jack Chivers, Jason Bernier, JP de Chirée, Matthew Bennion, Michael Love, Eric Axling, Eric Campbell, Nathan Bonner, Nicholas Smith, Nicholas Volant, Nick Beierle, Nick Swanson, R. Del Gatto, Raúl Cuevas, Rob Gjesdal, Ryan C. Haxby, Sean Deneen, Stacy Smith, Stefan Enders, Timothy Truman
Special Thanks: : Abyss, AdmiralJonB, André Meister, AyaT, Ben, Boris Descargues, Cdoty, Christian Schiller, Doug, Dragon Warrior, Eduardo, GustavoC, Hardy Scheunemann, Heiko Poppen, Humaro, JPL, JulienG, KanedaFR, Kbank, Kekun, Ken, KlaytonV, Madroms, Manu, MaskOfDestiny, Mendicant, Melf, Metalix, MiguelM, Misako, Mysticales, Oofwil, Pablo, PascalB, PatrickC, PaulLee, Ptitcerf, PK, Raoul Wagner, RedAngel, RGC Team, Sea, Shiru, StefD, Steve Palmer, Sundog2K, Tami&AmiL, TiDragon, Tomy, WandersonR, You!


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