Pick Up [Model 11034]

Unreleased Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by Fox Video Games, Inc.

Pick Up [Model 11034] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Pick Up © 1983 20th Century Fox

Your goal is to pick up the girl on the left side of the screen for a little midnight rendezvous at the local hotel.

You control our horny young hero, who must woo the lady of his dreams off her platform by bribing her with various items that fly across the screen. These objects represent things that drive the ladies wild such as: A fast car, a flower, perfume, money, a wine glass (alcohol), and a heart. To capture one of these items you must carefully shoot them as they randomly fly around the top of the screen. If you shoot the same item twice (which is very easy to do), you loose that item and one of your chances (lives). If you loose all your chances you'll sink into the ground from embarrassment and spend an eternity rotting in hell. If you take too long to shoot an item it will begin to flash, this means you have a short amount of time to hit it or you'll lose a chance.

If you succeed in collecting all the items you can run over to the platform, grab your gal, and run off to the Love Nest Hotel. The hotel screen shows you and your girl entering the building and closing the blinds. After the deed is done, the sign above the hotel displays how many 'Scores' you have. At this point one begins to wonder if this game wasn't originally intended for Mystique or Playaround. After your done doing the nasty, you must go back to the main screen (to the left) for another shot at the girl of your dreams. If you decide that you've had enough of this game and would rather explore the city to the right, a big dog will show up and block your path.


Model 11034


Unreleased prototype.

While the concept may be unique, the game was a little too racy for the people at 20th Century Fox who wanted to promote more family oriented games like Porky's. So Pick Up wound up shelved indefinitely. Other than its rather adult theme, the video game market was rapidly collapsing and 20th Century Fox decided to get out of the game business. While Pick Up is fun in short bursts, its long term playability is questionable.


Programmer: Mark Klein


Game's ROM.