Phaser Patrol [Model AR-4000]

A 36-year-old Atari 2600 Cass. by Arcadia

Emulated in MAME !

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Phaser Patrol © 1982 Arcadia Corp.

Your mission: Fly your interstellar interceptor like you never flew before... because only you stand between the Dracon armada and their cruel objective.

The situation: Serious trouble. The Human Federation has been caught napping. While pretending to sign a peace treaty, the devious Dracons have launched a surprise attack. And they've virtually captured the Federation's farm galaxy.

Victory seems so close the Dracons can practically smell it with their hideous nostrils. One lone defender stands between them and control of the human food supply. You.

About your enemy: You wouldn't want to have lunch with a Dracon. They're not nice to look at, and they're very hostile. They live by raiding peaceful planets, stealing everything they can, and taking no prisoners. To make matters worse, they are absolutely fearless.

The Dracon armada: They're tough. Each Dracon fighter is armed with lethal photon torpedoes. You've got shields, but a direct hit can disable them. And a series of direct hits could reduce you to space dust.


Model AR-4000


* Destroy a Dracon fighter, go up 3/8 Level.

* Use 100 units of energy, lose 1/8 Level.

* Use up a space/hour (one movement of the second-lowest clock indicator), lose 1/8 Level.

* Destroy all the Dracons, go up 1 Rank.

* Destroy all the Dracons in Difficulty "B," go up 1 Level.


Programmer: Dennis Caswell

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