Phantom Fighter [Model NES-KY-USA]

The Nintendo NES Cart. by FCI (EXPORT VERSION)

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo NES Cart.

Phantom Fighter © 1990 FCI

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original Famicom version for more information: "Reigen Doushi [Model R59V5917]".

Description from the back cover:

Wacky Chinese phantoms, Kyonshies, are on the loose, wreaking havoc in eight villages. Phantom Fighter and his incompetent assistance are the only ones who can save the villagers from these zombie ghosts that get bigger and stronger as you get better. Answer tricky quizzes to acquire special skills from the Kung Fu Master. Then you can chop and kick your way to victory!

-Over 15 types of powerful enemies
-Sophisticated animation with smooth movement
-Password memory feature for continuing play
-Exciting full sound effects
-Fun-filled dialogue and bonus quizzes
-Eight villages filled with mysterious ghost-filled houses, cemeteries and academies




Released in April 1990 in the USA.

Game's ROM.

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