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Phantasmagoria - A Puzzle of Flesh [Model S288410~50]

PC/MS-Windows CD published 28 years ago by Sierra On-Line, Inc.

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Phantasmagoria - A Puzzle of Flesh © 1996 Sierra On-Line, Inc.

An interactive movie point-and-click adventure game. The player controls Curtis Craig, an introverted 26-year-old man who works at a pharmaceutical company. Curtis regularly has disturbing hallucinations at his office, seeing flashes of gore or getting odd e-mails.

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CD#1 ID: S288410
CD#2 ID: S288420
CD#3 ID: S277430
CD#4 ID: S288440
CD#5 ID: S288450


Released on November 30, 1996 in the USA.

Though technically a sequel to Roberta Williams' 1995 game Phantasmagoria, Puzzle of Flesh shares no connections with its predecessor in plot nor characters, as Sierra initially intended the Phantasmagoria title to be a horror anthology, with each installment of a different story and style. The only small reference to the first Phantasmagoria is that at the beginning of Act 3, Curtis receives a letter about a book signing by Adrienne Delaney, the main character in Phantasmagoria.

While not a critical or commercial success, A Puzzle of Flesh, like its predecessor, is remembered for its controversial violent and sexual content, which led the game to be heavily censored or banned outright in several European and Oceanic countries.


Executive Producer: Ken Williams
Line Producers: Jerry Bowerman, Scott Lynch, Doug Brown, Craig Alexander
Director: Andy Hoyos
Producer: Matthew Thornton
Game Designer and Screenwriter: Lorelei Shannon
Director of Photography: Matthew Jensen
Art Director: Jeff Lane
Composer: Gary Spinrad
Editor: Wes Plate
Second Unit Director of Photography: Rod Fung
Principal Cast: Paul Morgan Stetler (Curtis), Monique Parent (Jocilyn), Ragna Sigrun (Therese), Paul Mitri (Trevor), Burt Bulos (The Hecatomb), Cynthia Steele (Dr. Rikki Harburg), Warren Burton (Paul Warner), Paul Joseph Standlee (Little Curtis), V. Joy Lee (The Ratwoman), Michael Donovan (Tom), Don Berg (Bob), Regina Byrd Smith (Detective Allie Powell), Denise Loveday (Marianne Craig), Todd Licea (Jonas Craig), Jason Bortz (Max), Michael David Simms (Dr. Marek), Douglas Mace (Dr. Rikki's Security Guard), 'One‑Take' Rosie [Blob]
First Assistant Director: Sandra Hunter
Camera Operator: Brian Baugh
Second Assistant Camera: Daren Findling
Production Designer: Christopher Klonecke
Gaffer: Alexander Buono
Second Unit Gaffers: Kyle Carver, Martin Cameron
Best Boy: Christopher Mans
Key Grip/Electrician: Courtney Jones
Dolly Grip/Grip: John Bradley
Grip: W. Ted Mayer
Wardrobe Stylist/Production Coordinator: Caprice Buzard
Wardrobe/Script Supervisor/Continuity Supervisor: Rick Edwards
Post‑Log/Video Playback: Tony Hoskins
Audio: Mickey McMullan, Tony Tarango, Mark Lee
Production Assistants: Rebecca Roka, Melissa Dow, Matt Thompson, Tina Suffal
Intern/Assistant Production Designer: Derek Sunday (Assistant to Rosie: Harley)
Rat Wrangler: Lorelei Shannon
Creature Design: Andy Hoyos, Andi Rusu
Creature Prosthetics & Physical Special Effects: Robert Stanlee
Special Visual Effects: Jeff Lane
Make‑up/Hair Design: Robert Stanlee
Assistant Hair, Make-up, SFX: Patricia Standlee
Hair, Make‑up, SFX assistant: Rebecca Roka
Project Manager: Tammy Dargan
Lead Artist: Jeff Lane
SGI Supervisor/3d: Kim White
SGI Artist/3d: Brad Clarkson
Matador Artist/Digital Effects: Jim Tibbitts
Team Artists: Brett Batchelor, Andi Rusu, Rod Fung, Nathan Gams
Lead Programmer: Jerry Shaw
Team Programmers: Tim Weiss, Brian Johnson, Robert W. Lindsley
QA Team: Jay Williams, Kenny Smith
Sierra Configuration: Michael D. Jones, Joe Carper, Michael Brosius, Mark Budge, Nathan Clark, Steve Deckert, Scott Howell, Jillian Leonard, Marsha McCarty, Mike Pickhinke, John Ratcliffe, Cindy Romero, Leonard Salas, Sharon Simmons, John Trauger, Douglas Wheeler, Danny A. Woolard
Sierra Systems: Greg Tomko-Pavia, David Artis, Christopher Smith, Larry B. Scott, Terry McHenry, Dan Foy
Documentation: Author: Lorelei Shannon
Documentation: Design: Kerri W. Kane
AVID Editor: Wes Plate
Sound Designer: Randy Yount, Din Studios
Video Compression by: TrueMotion
Sets by: Oregon Scenic & Lighting
Props by: Seattle Prop & Costume
Leather Garments by: Fantasy Unlimited, Seattle Sin
Creative Consultants: Kim Graham, Hank Graham, Pat MacEwan
Caterer: Mac B's of Seattle
Los Angeles Casting Agent: Donovon/Foley Casting
Talent Paymaster: Talent Fund
Game Box Design: Nathan Gams
Special Thanks To: Modular Video Systems, Chris Olson, Northwest Cine Rentals, Ed Bright, Jonas Jenson, Robert Wharton, Sierra Operations Staff, Ayesha Tidwell, Rudy Gadre, Cindy Vanous (Boy Toy), Brendan Vanous (PitMaster), Beverly Lexvold, Margie Walling, The Weathered Wall - Seattle, Al D., Lisa, Dale Christensen, Colette Bottinelli, Rod Hilton, Rick Southerland, Ken Prugh, Gary Brown, Marianne Sulkosky, Topo Swope, Brad Tallman, Todd Oliver, DeeDee Irby (Florence Nightengale), Nola Moss (Angel of Mercy), Matt Thompson (Dougie), Courtney Jones (Butt Meat Man), Rob Kenny (Catatonic), Adrian Bourne (Dog Toy), Adam Szofran (Puzzle Man), W. Ted Mayer (Outburst), Rebecca Roka (The Crayon), Matthew Nethercutt (Mongo), Jeff Sacherer (Bruiser), Richard Smalley (Wacko), Brendan Vanous (PitMaster), Cindy Vanous (Boy Toy), P. A. Quinn (Fangs), Leslie Fleming (The Barbarian), Christopher A. Floyd (Bad Boy), Ben Sherry (Mixer), Paul Weiss (The Board), Gary Spinrad (The Voice), Mark Emmert (Peeping Tom), Amber Burnett (Zombie), Christopher Mans (Blue Boy), Kenny Smith (Meatwagon), Andy Hoyos (Buffalo), Tim Weiss (The Flash), Tawna Lucero, Jaqueline Erbe, Guest, Jiri Rehak, Robert Cole, Terese Gant, Butler Video Studios, Bellvue Washington, Seattle Washington