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PGA European Tour Golf [Model SLES-02061]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Infogrames Europe

Not listed in MAME yet

PGA European Tour Golf © 1999 Infogrames Interactive, Inc.


Game ID: SLES-02061


Presented by: Bruno Bonnell

Infogrames Sports Staff
Executive Vice President Publishing: Jean-Philippe Agati
Infogrames Sports Vice President: Michael Sportouch
Producer: Peter Dalton
Sports Manager: Craig McCraken
Product Manager: Laurent Moquet
Design: Paul Whitehead

Head of Creative Studio: Emmanuelle Tahmazian
Design Studio: Patrick Chouzenoux, Sylvie Combet
Product Schedule Meeting Co-Ordinator: Sophie Wilbaux-Meliet

QA Department
Qualitative Manager: Dominique Morel

Thanks to: Rebecca Pernered, Beate, Beatrice, Monika, Catherine Louvier, Philippe Larribau, Francois Masciopinto, Anne-Sylvie Genevrier, Cecile Gillet, Helene Persod

Front cover picture by DPPI

Gremlin Credits
Programmers: Dave Harrison, Mike Anderton
Artist: Tony Meredith
Sound FX: Chris Sweetman
Additional Artwork: Aten Skinner
Additional Programming: Phil Rankin
Commentary: Peter Alliss, Alex Hay
Motion Capture: Tony Wills, Mick Sheehan, Rob Millington, Andy Lee, Dave Kirk
Course Information and Photography (Quinto da Lago and Hanbury Manor): Mike Eyre
Additional Research: Ian Stones
Localisation: Sarah Bennett
Captured Golfer: Neil Cheetham
Manual and Packaging: Martin Calpin, Chantal Beamuont, Richard Cartwright
QA Manager: Steve Lycett
Test Supervisor: Lee Campbell
Test Support: James McCarthy
Lead Tester: Steve Woodward
Testers: Martin Berridge, Carrie Hobson, Daniel Webster, Eric Booker
Intro Video Sequence: Alan Coltman, Simon Short
Music Edit and Mixing: Kev Saville

Thanks to: Richard, Mike Langstone, Steve Langstone, Ian Barker, Claire, Suzi Scott, Miles