Pay Dirt

A 21-year-old Slot Machine by WMS Gaming, Inc.

Pay Dirt screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Pay Dirt © 1997 WMS Gaming.

Take a trip back to the Wild West and team up with an old prospector in search of Pay Dirt!

There are two bonus rounds in this adventure. 3 or more scattered Dynamite symbols trigger the DYNAMITE WHIRL Bonus. The bonus screen has 15 reels in a unique layout, with sections of fuse connecting the reels. The player pushes a plunger to start the bonus going. The reels spin and stop, showing different layouts of fuses and dynamite. The fuse starts to burn from the leftmost reel. Every time the fuse is connected to a piece of dynamite, the dynamite explodes, revealing a credit amount.

If the fuse explodes the keg of dynamite in the central reel, a second whirl is awarded. Retrigger can happen up to 15 times.

After the spin, the Old Miner blows a gold dust multiplier out, which lands on one of the pieces of dynamite. If it lands on exploded dynamite, the award from that dynamite is multiplied. If it lands on the exploded extra spin keg, the next spin is at the awarded multiplier.

3 Old Prospectors on a payline trigger the GOLD MINING Bonus. Here the player will try to guide the old prospector to the top level of the bonus where the big nugget can be found.

On the bottom level, start picking and digging. You can uncover gold and gems, McNasty brothers, claims, or claim jumps.

* Gold and Gems : Finding gold or gems awards credit amounts.
* McNasty brothers : Finding a McNasty brother will bring up the picture of a McNasty brother. From then on, you alternate picks with the McNastys: first you, then them. If there is more than one McNasty, each McNasty gets a pick before you do again.
* Claims : If you find a claim, you move up to the next level. If a McNasty finds a claim, the bonus ends.
* Claim Jump : Finding a claim jump awards you all the McNasty credits AND moves you ahead to the next level. If you are already on the last level, a claim jump only awards the McNasty credits.

Each level has larger, more valuable gold nuggets and gems.
At the 4th level, finding a Big Nugget gives one last pick for a Big Nugget prize and ends the bonus.


Available in 9, 15, and 20 lines.

WMS trademark.