Paradise Lost

A 11-year-old Arcade Video Game by Global VR

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Paradise Lost © 2007 Global VR.

Paradise Lost brings a new level of enjoyment and a brand new user experience to this tropical gaming extravaganza. Game features :
2 player co-operation.
Competitive play for points.
5 visually stunning maps.
3 tropical islands.
Deep jungle.
Inside the laboratory of evil.
Over 50 missions in the game. With each getting progressively more difficult.
Players use a variety of weapons, including rockets and grenades to defeat evil forces.
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Paradise Lost the Arcade Video Game
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Paradise Lost the Arcade Video Game
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Hardware features :
Force feedback guns with body counter using 2 solenoids to replicate gun action.
Unique deluxe sit down shooter.
52'' flat screen LCD invites players of all ages and experiences to sit down and play.

length : 96 inches
width : 84 inches
height : 84 inches
weight : 775 lbs


Released in April 2007.

Paradise Lost is actually an arcade adaptation of Ubisoft's 'Far Cry - Instincts' for the PC and the Microsoft XBOX.


Executive Producer : John Ray

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