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Pandemonium 2 [Model SLUS-00578]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Midway Home Ent.

Listed in MAME

Pandemonium 2 © 1997 Midway Home Ent.


Game ID: SLUS-00578


Released on Octocber 23, 1997 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Pandemonium 2 [Model SLES-00965]"
[JP] "Miracle Jumpers [Model SLPS-01224]"

Goodies for Pandemonium 2 [Model SLUS-00578]
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Real Wizards
Lead Programmer: Andrew Lacey (Let Me Slip Into Something)
Lead Artist: Leon Cannon (Leon)
Lead Designer: Zak Krefting (Sunshine)
Programmers: Lisa Ching (Still Foosin' after All These Years), Steve Timson (SlagBoy)
Artists: Maj Cole (This Is Due When?), Gary Ellington (Yo-Hi), Rodger Ferris (Slippy), Laura Grieve (FloBoots), Freddie Lee (Bronchy), David Renneker (Mr. Dinner), Stephen C. Trusty (Feed Me Cheese), Scott Werner (Disdain for Authority)
Designers: Richard D'Aloisio (I Don't Participate), Christopher Scholz (Corporate), Reuben Simonson (Kid Flash), Tom Teuscher (The Invisible Man), Caroline Trujillo, Gerald Vera (GeeMoney)
Produced by: Caroline Esmurdoc (I'm My Favorite Subject), Sam Player (Homer)
Executive Producer: Mark Wallace
Virtual Bob 3D Game System Design & Implementation: Ken Ford, Fred Ford, Paul Reiche III
Marketing Manager: Jim Curry (Weasel)
Additional Art: Steve Kongsle, Technicolor Visionary, Suzanne Dougherty (Susan)
Additional Design: Richard Lemarchand
Stunt Artists: Terrence C. Falls (Pink Pistolero), David Reyes (Spanky), Mira Soriano (Aphrodite)
Sound Effects: Mark Miller, Steve Papoutsis (The Beav)
Video Compression: Mark Miller, Steve Papoutsis (The Beav)
Music: Burke Trieschmann
Test Manager: Alex Ness (Overflowing Cup Of Human Kind)
Lead Tester: C. Matthew Prescott
Testers: Jeremy Bredow (Average White Man), Christopher Bruno (The Hippie), Rolef Conlan (Grampa), Casey Craig (Kid Duper), Damien Lacey (Wear The Dress), Doug Leslie (El Guapo), Daniel Miley (Phone Boy), Billy Mitchell (Cooter), Sheatiel Sarao (Nickname Censored), Jeffrey Wilkinson (Hey Wilkie), Matthew Young (Egg Foo)
Starring as Fargus & Sid: Martin Ganapoler
Starring as Nikki: Deborah Ben-Eliezer
Voice-Over Direction: Beth Kaufmann, Smarttalk
Full-Motion Animation: Mondo Media, Keyframe Digital Productions
3D-Models for Full-Motion Animation: Zygote Media Group
Manual: Carol Ann Hanshaw (Wink)
Special Thanks : Patrick Bradley (King Tightwad), Jason Garr (The Doggfather), Robert K. Dyer (El Jefe), Steve Groll (Grollio), Kristen Growney, Karl Hagemann (Elvis), Rob Johnson (Freshy), Caryn Nadelberg (Queen Of The May), Brian Silva (Big Country), Chris Stefanetti (Slack), Scott A. Steinberg, Lita Unruh (Hall Monitor)


Game's CD.