Paddle Battle

A 45-year-old Arcade Video Game by Allied Leisure Industries, Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


Paddle Battle © 1973 Allied Leisure.

A ball and paddle game.
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Released in March 1973. Paddle Battle was designed for Allied Leisure by Universal Research Labs, who would later produce their own games as well as games for Stern.

Jack Pearson : "Allied Leisure heard about Pong and we got a distributor in California to send us one and we paid him about twice what it cost him to buy it. We didn't know anything about solid-state games. We were all relay logic so we took it to a company in Chicago called URL and they more-or-less copied the circuitry and started making boards for it. We came out with Paddle Battle and I think we sold more than Atari did.".

With various sources reporting 22,000 units sold, this was reportedly the best selling "Pong"-clone of them all - perhaps even outselling Atari itself.

All In Color For a Quarter - Keith Smith