Pac-Man's Pixel Bash [Upright Model]

Arcade Video game published 3 years ago by NAMCO Bandai Games, Inc.

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Pac-Man's Pixel Bash (c) 2018 NAMCO Bandai Games, Inc.

The successor to "Pac-Man's Arcade Party", now featuring 31 Namco classics:
"Galaxian", "Pac-Man", "Rally-X", "King & Balloon", "New Rally-X", "Bosconian", "Galaga", "Dig Dug", "Pac-Man Plus", "Xevious", "Mappy", "Pac & Pal", "Super Xevious", "The Tower of Druaga", "Galaga 3" (under its original name of "Gaplus"), "Grobda", "Dragon Buster", "Alien Sector" (under its original Japanese name of "Baraduke"), "Metro-Cross", "Dig Dug II", "Motos", "Sky Kid", "Sky Kid Deluxe", "Rolling Thunder", "Hopping Mappy", "Pac-Mania", "Galaga '88", "Dragon Spirit", "Splatterhouse", and "Rompers".

"Ms. Pac-Man" is also included (bringing the total to 32), but only if the Coinage dip switch is set to Free Play.


This full-size upright model of Pac-Man's Pixel Bash experiences the same licensing difficulties with Ms. Pac-Man as its predecessor. However this time, Ms. Pac-Man IS available, but ONLY if the Coinage dip switch is set to Free Play. The other cabinet models this multi-game comes in - Cabaret, Cocktail, and Chill - have done away with the Coinage dip switch and set it exclusively to Free Play, therefore Ms. Pac-Man will always be available.


Pac-Man's Pixel Bash was released in June 2018 in North America.

This multi-game takes the existing lineup from its predecessor and adds 19 more titles.


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