P-47 Thunderbolt

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Soft. by Firebird Soft.

P-47 Thunderbolt screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


[COMPUTER] Sinclair ZX Spectrum Soft.

P-47 Thunderbolt © 1990 Firebird.

Fly your P-47 through eight frenzied levels of enemy activity, bombing ground vehicles and shooting aircraft. At the end of each level you must confront and destroy a large enemy battleship, tank or 'plane to progress to the next level.

Along the way there are several pick-ups. Each time you collect one of these, your energy level increases, starting at level one and increasing to a maximum level of four. Your energy level determines the number of special weapons that each pick-up releases. For example, when you have collected the pick-up for bombs, you will fire one bomb for a each level of energy.


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