OverBlood [Model SLPS-00392]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by Riverhill Soft.

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OverBlood © 1996 Riverhill Soft.

Having woken suddenly from a cryogenic sleep, you find yourself not knowing who you are, where you are and, more pressingly, freezing to death. Preventing your untimely demise is the first of many problems you'll be faced with. There are many more to come.

You are Raz and, along with your robot sidekick, Pepo, you have to find out what you are doing there and get your hands on the antidote for a virus you seem to have picked up. How? That's all part of the mystery.

OverBlood brings new concepts to a popular genre, for instance being able to switch between characters so as to become Pepo. This is particularly useful when advancing in the game requires interfacing with a computer that cannot be used by a human. It adds a whole new dimension to problem solving. Over the top? Nah, OverBlood!


Game ID: SLPS-00392


Released on August 02, 1996 in Japan.

[JP] "OverBlood [Model SLPS-91032]" (PlayStation the Best, 1997)
[JP] "OverBlood [Model SLPM-86641]" (Major Wave Series, 2001)

Export releases:
[US] "OverBlood [Model SLUS-00464]"
[EU] "OverBlood [Model SLES-00768]"