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Out Runners

Arcade Video game published 28 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

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Out Runners © 1992 Sega.

Between 1 and 8 players (the latter requiring the use of link-up cabinets) compete in this colourful update of the 1986 classic, "Out Run". Out Runners features the multiple routes of the original but this time includes a large number of selectable vehicles; each of which poses different strengths and weaknesses, such as higher speed or better handling. Out Runners captures of the spirit of Out Run adding characters, humour, numerous selectable soundtracks (including a radio broadcast of the race by Jake Elwood) and a seamless driving experience barely interrupted by crashes.
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Sega System Multi 32 hardware

Main CPU : V70 (@ 20 Mhz), Zilog Z80 (@ 8.053975 Mhz)
Sound Chips : YM3438 (@ 8.053975 Mhz), MultiPCM (@ 8.053975 Mhz)

Players : 2
Control : paddle
Buttons : 5


Even if titlescreen says 1992, OutRunners was released in May 1993 in Japan.

The name of the DJ (Jake Elwood) is a combination of the names of the main characters (Joliet 'Jake' and 'Elwood' Blues) in the 1980 film 'The Blues Brothers'.

"Magical Sound Shower", "Passing Breeze" and "Splash Wave" are the original Out Run soundtracks that can also be found in 'Out Runners' - albeit in 'enhanced' form.

A hugely impressive game CV by anyone's standards.

Toshiba EMI released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Virtua Racing & Out Runners - TYCY-5365) on 15/12/1993.


The US version is slightly different, It has the 'Winners Don't Use Drugs' on one screen and the 'Recycle It, Don't Trash It!' on the other screen.


* To play Jingle Bells as the background music, you must first start a race. Any time during the race hit the next music station and previous music station at the same time.

* To enter your name to the Best 'Out Runners' rankings, win the game before the clock runs out.

* Each car has its own number of gears for Manual transmission ranging from two to six. Also note that manual transmission cars on the arcade version have higher top speeds and each car has its own strengths and weaknesses. The Bad Boy Being the quickest, Wild Chaser being able to drive faster off road, Quick Reactor having the best handling, The Road Monster slows down less when crashing into other vehicles on the road and Mad Power being the fastest car in the game. Speed Buster had slow acceleration but better handling and the same top speed as Mad Power while Easy Handling and Smooth Operator are just overall great cars.

As far as the home port goes, there are just a few things different. Speed Buster is the best regular car on the game and can run low 4m30sec times via Australia while Mad Power Can Run high 4min30s. Wild Chaser when off road will rapidly accelerate from 263mph-283mph unlike the arcade where the car stays steady at 274mph Mad Power can hit a top speed of 308mph with the manual transmission by downshifting into 5th gear at 293mph. You can also downshift at 274mph but you will top out at 306mph. The Virtua Formula Car can be unlocked on the Japanese and some early versions of the game by entering a cheat. One the title screen, take controller one and enter this code: LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, C, A. You'll hear a noise if it worked. Press START and choose the Arcade Mode with button C. To the left of the first car is the Virtua Formula. This is by far the best car in the game. it also has the same top speed as Mad Power and the downshifting trick works on her as well.

Acceleration Times With Manual Transmissions and Top Speed

Easy Handling: 0-60mph 2.72sec 0-100mph 4.48sec 0-150mph 6.80sec 0-200mph 8.94sec 0-250mph 12.47sec Top Speed 274mph Transmission 5 speed

The Bad Boy: 0-60mph 1.66sec 0-100mph 2.82sec 0-150mph 3.74sec 0-200mph 4.52sec 0-250mph 5.54sec Top Speed 272mph Transmission 2 speed

Smooth Operator: 0-60mph 2.72sec 0-100mph 4.55sec 0-150mph 6.66sec 0-200mph 8.67sec 0-250mph 12.30sec Top Speed 274mph Transmission 2 speed

Wild Chaser: 0-60mph 3.02sec 0-100mph 4.89sec 0-150mph 6.49sec 0-200mph 8.16sec 0-250mph 10.57sec Top Speed 267mph on road 274mph off road Transmission 3 speed

Quick Reactor: 0-60mph 1.46sec 0-100mph 2.58sec 0-150mph 4.25sec 0-200mph 5.95sec 0-250mph 8.97sec Top Speed 267mph Transmission 4 speed

Road Monster: 0-60mph 3.02sec 0-100mph 4.79sec 0-150mph 6.76sec 0-200mph 8.80sec 0-250mph 12.37sec Top Speed 274mph Transmission 3 speed

Speed Buster: 0-60mph 3.02sec 0-100mph 5.06sec 0-150mph 7.41sec 0-200mph 9.82sec 0-250mph 12.03sec Top Speed 299mph Transmission 2 speed

Mad Power: 0-60mph 2.38sec 0-100mph 3.77sec 0-150mph 5.54sec 0-200mph 8.02sec 0-250mph 10.26sec Top Speed 299mph Transmission 6 speed

Your acceleration times may differ. Try to beat these times if you can.


1. Out Run (1986, Arcade)
2. Out Run 3-D (1989, Master System)
3. Battle Out Run (1989, Master System)
4. Turbo Out Run [Model 317-0106] (1989, Arcade)
5. Out Run Europa (1991, Game Gear)
6. Out Runners (1992, Arcade)
7. Out Run 2019 (1993, Mega Drive)
8. Out Run 2 (2003, Arcade)
9. Out Run 2 SP (2004, Arcade)


Sega Mega Drive (1994)

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