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Arcade Video game published 17 years ago by Konami Digital Ent. Co., Ltd.

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Otomedius screenshot

Otomedius © 2007 Konami Digital Entertainment Company, Limited.

Otomedius is a horizontally scrolling shooter from Konami, and features voluptuous anime girls as the main characters. The gameplay is similar to "Gradius", and can be seen as a successor to the long running "Parodius" series, which aimed to parody the Gradius series of space-based horizontally-scrolling shooters.

In addition to the traditional control panel, Otomedius utilizes a touch screen interface which allows players to navigate the game's menus, including character selection, type selection and level selection.

The e-Amusement pass is also utilized, which allows players to save character data, weapons and ranking system data. Players are also able to customize their craft with power ups and different weapons, and are also ranked based on their performance.


E-Amusement Hardware

Players : 1
Control : 4-way joystick, Touchscreen interface
Buttons : 3 => [A] Activate, [B] Shoot, [C] Bomb


The title comes from the Japanese word 'Otome' meaning 'Maiden'.

Otomedius was shown at the AOU 2007. This game features a new touch screen interface and has multi-player networking modes.

Mine Yoshizaki, the character designer of this game, is a famous Japanese illustrator. He worked as a charater designer on anime 'Keroro Gunso', 'Arcade Gamer Fubuki'.

Aoba Anoa : Vic Viper pilot ("Gradius"-themed fighter).
Eru Tron : Lord British pilot ("Salamander"-themed fighter).
Emon Five : Xel Viper pilot ("Thunder Cross"-themed fighter).
Madoka : Murdoch Viper pilot ("Twinbee"-themed fighter).
Diol Twee : Serenity Viper pilot ("Xexex"-themed fighter).
Tita Nium : Bigcore Examiner pilot ("Gradius"/"Salamander" boss-themed fighter).
Esmeralda : Jade Knight pilot ("Gradius Gaiden"-themed fighter).
Poini Coon : Falchion Beta pilot ("Gradius Gaiden"-themed fighter).


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