Oriental Games

A 28-year-old Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass. by Micro Style

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Not emulated in MAME


Oriental Games © 1990 Micro Style.

The crashing of bamboo shinai as the Kendo warriors do battle; Kung Fu masters turning inner strength to powerful punches amongst a flurry of scissor kicks; and the no holds barred brawling of the sport they tried to ban: Kyo-Kus-Hin-Kai.

These are the Oriental Games - the ultimate modern-day martial arts competition.

The Oriental games comprise of three events - Kendo, Kung Fu and Kyo-Kus-Hin-Kai - combined into a supreme challenge of fighting skills. Winning an individual gold medal at novice level will take courage, skill and flare. Overall victory in the Oriental Games as a professional demands complete mastery of the martial arts.


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Developed by Source Software

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