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Arcade Video game published 25 years ago by American Sammy

Orbs screenshot

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Orbs © 1994 American Sammy.


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Released in October 1994.


Game Designer & Director : Onijust
Programmer : Hiroaki Murase
Graphic Designer : Isao Suwa
Sound Creator : Brian Schmidt
Engineer : Kiyo Nishimura
Debugger : Hiroaki Murase, Onijust, Kiyo Nishimura, Gen Ozeki
Producer & President : Yoshi Suzuki
Executive VP : James Miskell, Rick Rocchetti
Sales : Natalie Kulig, David Cane, Emilio Cabrera, Maria Fotinopoulos
Account : Robert Sherman, Apexa Patel
Production : Kiyo Nishimura, Brad Faris, Gen Ozeki
Shipping : A. David Kuhrt
Receptionist : Naomi Wiggins
Game Counsellor : Connell Tim
R&D : Onijust, Isao Suwa, Masahiko Ujita, Noriyo Amako, Isao Matono, Tomohiro Takahashi, Hiroaki Murase

Game's ROM.