Old Jenny

A 87-year-old Coin-op Pinball by Yohio Mfg.

Not emulated in MAME


Old Jenny © 1931 Yohio Mfg. Co.


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The carpenter Arthur L. Paulin designed and built the prototype "Old Jenny" in January 1931, and the salesman Earl Froom added to the game to make it commercial.
1) He added a playfield glass and a coin chute.
2) He added a system of recycling the balls by drilling holes in the playfield along with adding a shuttle underneath so that balls falling into these score holes would stay trapped there for the rest of the game play.
3) He added a knob on the front of the game allowing the player to push the shuttle at start of next game to allow the trapped balls to fall through and roll down to an area where he added a ball-lift knob allowing the player to serve the balls into play.

10 units were produced in approximately 30 days. The first one had a handmade coin chute which was replaced by a new Monarch/A.B.T. coin chute for the remaining nine.

They continued making improvements to this game, and after changing their company name, they hit upon the game that enjoyed an overwhelming success, Automatic Industries, Incorporated's 1931 "Whiffle Board", which naturally caught the attention of the existing coin machine industry, thus accelerating the development of a highly competitive pinball machine industry.