Off the Wall [Model CX26168]

Atari 2600 cart. published 35 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Off the Wall [Model CX26168] screenshot

Off the Wall © 1989 Atari Corporation.

The objective in Off The Wall is to score the highest number of points. Play against another player or try to beat your best score. Score points by using the ball to knock bricks out of the wall, hitting the dragon beyond the bricks, or catching the Mystery Token for bonus points. When the player clears four brick waves, he automatically advances to the next skill level.


Export releases:
"Off the Wall [Model CX26168P]"

Bricks 1 to 5 points each.
Catching Mystery token, Peasant level 50 points.
Catching Mystery token, Student level 75 points.
Catching Mystery token, Master level 100 points.
Hitting the dragon 100 points.

If you hit the ball at an angle into the brick field, it bounces off the inside bricks and knocks out far more bricks than a direct hit.

Be careful not to move Lu too fast or you could overshoot the ball.

Use your tokens strategically.

Try to use the Blackbird to your advantage.

The M token is great for killing the dragon.


Programmer: John Vifian


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