Odessa Express


A 16-year-old Slot Machine by Octavian Italy srl

Not emulated in MAME


Odessa Express © 2002 Octavian.

3-reel 1-line video slot featuring 2 bonus games.


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* Locomotive Bonus : A train's horn will alert players to the Bonus Feature.
Three stars in any position within the pay window as well as three similar BAR's on the payline will open the bonus screen revealing a steam-locomotive with the lit lamps on its front moving in a circle. At the end of spin a lit lamp at the top position awards a win according to the paytable plus a bonus win from 500 to 1000 credits.
The number of lit lamps depends on the bet. Each 10 credits wagered illuminate two lamps, 50 credits bet illuminate all the lamps, therefore if you wager maximum number of credits, you guarantee a bonus award.
By lining up 3 similar symbols featured in the SUPER BONUS display you trigger the lamps on the locomotive’s front. If a lit lamp stops at the top position, a bonus of 500 credits is added to the current win. The symbol is then lit on the SUPER BONUS display. When all symbols are lit on the display you will be qualified for the SUPER BONUS of 5000 credits.

* Semaphore Bonus : Three candlesticks on the payline will transfer you to the railway station. Choose one of 7 tracks and launch the train by the GO button. If the train arrives at the station on the red semaphore signal you win the minimum prizes registered in the indicator above the semaphore. Green semaphore signal will pay you three times more. While the train is moving you may three times try to fix green signal on the semaphore using the RED/GREEN button. In this case, if you start switching the semaphore, your win will be :
G - prize multiplied by 2
RG - prize multiplied by 3
RRG - prize multiplied by 4
RRR - prize