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Nuclear Strike [Model SLUS-00518]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Electronic Arts

Listed in MAME

Nuclear Strike © 1997 Electronic Arts.


Game ID: SLUS-00518


Released on August 31, 1997 in the USA.

[US] "Nuclear Strike [Model SLUS-00518GH]" (2002)

Export releases:
[EU] "Nuclear Strike [Model SLES-00919]"


Game Credits - Game Design
Game Director: John Manley
Creative Director: Michael Becker
Game Designer: R. J. Berg
Assistant Game Designers: Alex DiRicco, Lisa Hoffman, Michael A. Lubuguin, Aaron McClay, Paul Niehaus

Game Credits - Engineering
Director of Development: Jim Rushing
Engineering Manager: Scott Taylor
Technical Director: Thomas Boyd
Lead Engineer: David Gregory
Software Engineers: Gene Cook, Randy Dillon, Ken Dyke, Frank Giraffe, Jeffrey Litz
Release Engineer: Michael Yasko
Audio Engineering: Don Veca
Project Manager: Lisa Marie Lamb
Localization Coordinator: Lisa Marie Lamb
Localization Assistance: Atsuko Matsumoto

Game Credits - Art
Art Direction: Margaret Foley
3-D Modeling: Vince Arroyo, Giovanni Luis, Marcelino Vilaubi
Terrain: Wilfredo J. Aguilar, Valerie Couderc, Arthur Koch, Luis Sremac, Ivaylo Yaklinov
Modeling/Animation Interns: Santiago Nunez, Tania Soderman
Figure Animation: Jules Marino
Pyro Animation: Phillip Bossant
Additional Terrain: Bill Eral
Additional 3-D Cinematics: David Plunkett

Game Credits - Audio and Media Lab
Director of Audio and Media Production: Murray Allen
Audio Director-Composer: Don Veca
Composer: David O'Neal
Audio Design-Mixer: Ken Felton
Audio Design: Marc Farley, Charles Stockley
Audio Tools Consultant: Jim Sproul
Audio Technical Director: Rob Hubbard
Compressionist: Eric Kornblum
Video Manager: Jerry Newton
European Recording Supervisor: David Lapp
European Recording Quality Control: David Whittaker

Game Credits - Production
Executive Producer: Paul Grace
Producer: Michael Kosaka
Assistant Producer: Trevor Jalowitz
Director, Strike Property: Rod Swanson

Game Credits - Strike Testing Team
Testing Manager: Kurt Hsu
Testing Supervisor: David Costa
Lead Tester: Rosalie Vivanco
Backup Lead Tester: Robert Luster
Test Team: William Chan, Son Chang, Kevin Fung, Nirave Kadakia, Manuel Morales
Game Credits - Marketing
Product Marketing: Albert Penello, Michael Quigley, Frank Gibeau
European Product Manager: Clive Downie
Public Relations Managers: Mary Leddy
Documentation: Andrea Engstrom
Documentation Layout: Tom Peters
Package Art Direction: Jennie Maruyama
Package Design: Mary Mitchell

Game Credits - Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance: Sean Baity, John Pemberton, Oliver Ng, Barry Feather

Video Credits - Screenplay
Screenplay: Flint Dille (Ground Zero Productions)

Video Credits - Full Screen Video Sequences
Full Screen Video Sequences: Palomar Pictures
Director: Mitch Walker (Palomar Pictures)
Producer: Larry Shapiro (Palomar Pictures)

Video Credits - Cast
Andrea Gray: Sue Turner-Cray
General Earle: John Marzilli
Hack: Antwon Tanner
LeMonde: Beau Hopkins
Naja: Moon Bloodgood
Cash: James Donovan
Hwong: Phillip Tan
Foreign General: Bingo Dinh
Stunts: Phillip Tan, Monty Cox
Additional Voices: James Kevin Ward (as Jim Ward)

Video Credits - Title and Strike.Files
Title and Strike.Files: Bob Rossman (Compositing and effects - Electronic Arts)

Video Credits - SMFD Videos
SMFD Videos: Michael Marsh (Editor - Electronic Arts), Waddy Dacay (3-D animation - Electronic Arts), Video Footage, Airboss Stock Footage, BBC Worldwide Americas Inc, The Image Bank


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