Ninja Gun

A Coin-op Gun Game by KASCO

Ninja Gun screenshot

Impossible to emulate.


Ninja Gun © 197? KASCO (Kansai Seiki Seisakusho Co.).

Instructions :
Insert coin in slot to start game.
Ninja targets appear at random changing positions.
Orange and Yellow targets score 2 points others score one.
Faster play scores higher points against time.
Replay for 80 points... Awarded on paid coin games only.

Targets :
3 Chain Driven Ninjas
3 Pop Up/Out Ninjas
2 Holographic Ninjas

Because the Ninjas move across the screen, it appears there are many more than 8 targets. Its a great challenge to shoot so many moving targets at varying speeds and positions.


Ninja Gun the Coin-op Gun Game
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The game board is mounted Vertically, and is over 2ft in length. The game uses a 2-Way mirror to display the board Horizontally to the player.

The board is an elaborate 3-D Artwork setup. There are many levels of depth, and behind most cut-outs are mechanical units to propel Ninjas.

Some units are chain driven and have Ninjas attached to them. They appear to scale walls, or Run horizontally. The motor speeds are variable. Other units pop the Ninjas up and down or left to right.

At one point in the game, Ninjas appear that are translucent and glowing. This is a special effect created by lighting Colored Artwork from Behind the Upper part of the 2-Way Mirror. There are several lights switched on sequentially - so it appears these Ninjas are moving across the field. There are 2 sets of 'Light-Ninjas'. One appears near the ground doing acrobatic Flips. The other appears hanging 'hand-walking' across a rope high above the field.

The entire Artwork Field is lit in Black Light. Ninja's are painted Fluorescent colors, and glow vividly.

Midway through the game, it will appear that the Sun has started to rise... as the background appears orangish. This is created by a hidden lightbulb that is painted (?) red (The blacklight in front of the artwork still stays on).

When a Ninja is hit, a sound effect is played, A 'Flasher' bulb is blinked quickly, Points are awarded... And if the Ninja is scaling a wall, it will be reversed to simulate falling.

There are several sound effect in the game which are played through the speaker on the front of the machine.

The machine is not purely Electrical-Mechanical, as there are actual circuit boards with chips in the cabinet as well.

Controls :
1 X,Y Gun (Electro-Mechanical)
1 Button (Gun Trigger)
1 Button (Replay)

Tracking :
The Gun uses a PCB with wide traces and large Pads. A metal tipped pointer is attached to the guns base and slides along the PCB. If the Pointer is over the correct trace/pad at the correct time, a shot will register.

Audio : 1 Speaker (8ohm 4w)

Lighting :
2 Florescent white bulbs (20w)
1 Blacklight Bulb (15w)
1 Red Lamp (AC 110v 60w)
2 'Flasher' bulbs (DC 12v 0.1a)
2 Mini Lamps (Game Over) (DC 24v 0.11a)
21 Mini Lamps (Targets/Replay)(DC 24v 5w)


If you score enough points, you get a Free game... called a 'Replay'. You hit the Replay button on the cabinet to start this new game.

Machine's picture.