Ninja Gaiden [Model PA2039]

A 27-year-old Atari Lynx Game by Atari

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Ninja Gaiden © 1991 Atari Corp.

Your training is nearly complete, NINJA. To earn the title of NINJA GAIDEN you must compete a daring quest.

Many have gone before you, some more experienced, some less.

The powers of darkness have turned the sacred silent city into the evil, noxious lair. They profane the holy walls with graffiti and billboards. They fill the streets with smoke and filth.

We have sent many experienced NINJAs to free the city none have returned. We have heard that some have been destroyed. Others have been too weak to overcome the lure of evil and gone over to the other side.

But you are different, NINJA you are brave in heart and spirit maybe you will free our holy city and our sacred land of this evil. If you succeed, you will be called a true hero, a NINJA GAIDEN. If you fail, you will be called a memory.

Under cover of storm, the young NINJA approaches the silent city.


Cartridge ID: PA2039


November 1991 - Consoles + N.2 [FR]: 70/100


Destroying a Masked NINJA: 100
Destroying a Black NINJA: 200
Picking up a Ruby powerup: 300
Destroying a White NINJA: 400
Destroying a Lumber NINJA: 500
Destroying a Clawed warrior: 5,000
Destroying a Wrestler: 5,000
Destroying a Sumo: 7,000
Destroying a Lord: 50,000

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