Ninja Commando [Model NGM-050]

The SNK Neo-Geo MVS Cart. by Alpha Denshi Co., Ltd.

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[ARCADE] SNK Neo-Geo MVS Cart.

Ninja Commando © 1992 Alpha Denshi Company, Limited.

3 ninjas are sent on a mission to stop a madman named Spider from trying to use a time machine to mess with history. The game is almost like a tongue-in-cheek reworking of "Time Soldiers", which Alpha Denshi made 5 years earlier, with ninjas as the protagonists this time.


Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID: NGM-050

Players: 2
Control: 8-Way Joystick
Buttons: 3
=> [A] Shoot, [B] Somersault, [C] Ninja Tricks


Ninja Commando was released on April 30, 1992.


The more you press the A button repeatedly, the more firepower you'll produce.

Press the A and B button together to fire shuri-ken (star-shaped blades). Unlike the main firepower, which is only straight ahead, the shuri-ken can be fired in all directions by moving the joystick in the opposite direction of which you wish to aim (example : to fire to the left, move the joystick to right and vice versa). This is also the best way to deal with a few of the bosses here : for example, on the stage set in feudal Japan, there are two giant sumo wrestlers who appear as sub-bosses. The main firepower seems to only have minor effect on them, but the shuri-ken are much more effective.

The C button is for firing magical bursts of energy. One drawback is that, similar to "Final Fight" this can cause a little of your life energy to be drained, so it should be used very carefully.


Producer: Tsutomu Maruyama
Director: Tsutomu Maruyama
Executive Producer : Kazuo Arai
Director Of Software : Eiji Fukatsu
System programmers : Makio Chiba, Satoshi Okada (SNK)
Programmers : Ryu Hiroyuki, Yuji Noguchi
Character Designers : Tsutomu Maruyama, Shinji Moriyama (as Sinji Moriyama), Takashi Hatono, Hidemi Nagatomo, Hideyuki Kusano
Music Composer : Yuka Watanabe


japan SNK Neo-Geo AES (may.29, 1992; "Ninja Commando [Model NGH-050]")
usa SNK Neo-Geo AES (may.29, 1992; "Ninja Commando [Model NGH-050]")
japan SNK Neo-Geo CD (oct.31, 1994; "Ninja Commando [Model ADCD-004]")
japan Sony PS2 (dec.18, 2008; "ADK Tamashii [Model SLPS-25906]")
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] japan (june.24, 2008; "Ninja Commando [Model EAPJ]")
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] usa (jul.11, 2008; "Ninja Commando [Model EAPE]")
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] australia (jul.11, 2008; "Ninja Commando)
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] europe (jul.14, 2008; "Ninja Commando [Model EAPP]")

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