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NHL 98 [Model SLES-00907]

Export Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by EA Sports

Not listed in MAME yet

NHL 98 © 1997 EA Sports [Electronic Arts label]

European release. Game developed in the USA. See the original USA version for more information about the game itself; "NHL 98 [Model SLUS-00519]".


Game ID: SLES-00907


Released in October 1997 in Europe.


Localization Producer: Louise Read
Recording Studios: M&S Studio Frankfurt, Studio Frohling Dusseldorf, Rally Studio Stockholm
Localization Manager, Europe: Dominique Goy
Translation, Sweden & Finland: Kia Collin
Translation, Germany: Bianca Normann, Tina Klos, Dagmar Geller
Translation, UK: Petrina Wallace, Carol Aggett
German Play by Play: Chris Rolfe
German Play by Play Announcer: Mark Hindelang
German Front End Announcer: Mike Leopold
German Rink Announcer: Martin Siebel
Swedish Front End Announcer: Ame Hegerfors
Finnish Front End Announcer: JP Jalo
European Language Testing Coordination: Matt Eyre, Simon Davison
German Language Testers: Frank Buchheim, Achim Haaz
Swedish Language Testers: Jonas Bingestam, Frederick Ostman
Finnish Language Tester: Sami Valkama