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NHL 97 [Model T-5016H]

Sega Saturn CD published 27 years ago by EA Sports

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NHL 97 © 1997 EA Sports [Electronic Arts label]

Goodies for NHL 97 [Model T-5016H]
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GAME ID: T-5016H


Lead Engineers: Tim Walter, Tim Meekins, Michael Lampell, Aki Rimpiläinen
Engineers: Greg Hedger, Mark Horsley
Lead Artist: Eric Fong
Co-Lead Artist: Fred Wong
Art Director: Alvin Cardona
Players/Animations: Mark A. Anderson, Han Cho, Omar Velasco, Ray Wong, David Dame
2D/3D Art: Victor Gerth, David L. Lee
Menus/Cinematics: Jilian Liao, Steve Paris, Wayne Herman, Dale Henderscheid
Videos: Cameron Chun
Original Music and Sound Design: Mark Chosak
Additional Music: David Whittaker
Lead Library Engineer: David O'Connor
Library Engineers: Kyle Granger, Andrei Snegov, Alex Hansen, Chuck Batson, Paul Robinson
Tools Development Manager: Audrey Seymour
Tools Engineer: John Yang
Development Project Manager: Jeffrey J. Thomas
Development Directors: Gregory A. Thomas, Scott L. Patterson
Executive in Charge of Production: Scott Orr
Executive Producer: Rob Martyn
Lead Assistant Producer: Rich Rogers
Producer: Mitzi S. McGilvray
Director of Technology: Gifford Calenda, Jeff Yates
Gameplay Tuning and Design: Scott Probin, Mark Lesser
Assistant Producer: Shawn Jacoby
Video Production Coordinator: Stewart Putney
Production Project Manager: Kyra Pehrson
Technical Director: Ken Zarifes
Motion Capture Director: Umberto Lazzari
Motion Capture Specialist: Audra Sugarman
Director of Marketing: Chip Lange
Product Manager: Eric Petersen
Documentation: Bill Scheppler
Documentation Layout: Corinne Mah
Package Art Direction: Jennie Maruyama
Package Design: Jennie Maruyama, Corinne Mah
Package Illustration: Steve Babineau
Game Testers: Gabe Boys, PJ Caceres, Billy Delligatti, Mike Graben, Jean Michno, Mike Olsen, Ken Spalasso, Bones Johnson, Joseph Quilici, Ed Frame, David Jimenez
Player Ratings by: John Rosasco
In-Game Commentary Provided By: John Davidson, James Brown
Motion Provided By: Tom Pederson (San Jose Sharks), Floyd Whitney (Edmonton Oilers), Bobby Platt (Hockey Workout), Ken Rogers (EA Sports)
Motion Capture Facilities Provided by: Hockey Workout, Mitch Kane, Abby the Wonder Dog
Motion Capture Provided by: Biovision
Quality Assurance: Chris Bennett, Oliver Ongpin, Brian Winslow, Jason White, Barry Dorf
Special Thanks: Ryan Plank, Leandro Peñaloza, Pam Seawell, Doug Ferguson, Joe Keene, James Kennedy, Sheri Sarkis, Siobhan Grady, Pacific Video Resources, Goal Line Studios, Monty Finefrock, Maria Bahamondes, Jeffrey Litz, Ken Rogers, Ilene Kent, Catherine Mary O'Brien, Doug Reid, The San Jose Arena, Jim Lynch, Wally Grant, A. Marsh Gardiner, Sally Stewart, Gretchen Helms, Donald A. Mattrick, Sandy Montag, Ken Sayler, Michael Streim, Marcus Lindblom, Nicole Singer
EA SPORTS and Five Hole, Inc. would like to thank the following mask manufacturers and artists for their help in providing the masks for use in the game: Don Strauss (Armadilla Masks), James Amato, Marlene Brown, Frank Cipra, Ed Cubberly (Custom Goalie Masks), Leonard D'Orlando, Eddy Mask, Gordon Gorrie, Head On Technology, ITECH, Brent Ivans, Michel Lefevbre, Lefevbre Masks, Dom Malerba, Pro's Choice


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