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NFL Quarterback Club [Model T-8102B]

Sega Genesis 32X cart. published 25 years ago by Acclaim Ent., Inc.

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NFL Quarterback Club © 1999 Acclaim Ent., Inc.

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GAME ID: T-8102B


The game was rated K-A (Kids to Adults, generally suitable for all ages) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Executive Producer: Jeff Spangenberg
Directed by: Russell Byrd, David Crummack
Engine Design: Dave Schwalenberg, Craig Galley, Brian Watson, David Crummack, Jeff Spangenberg
Game Design: Russell Byrd, Dave Schwalenberg
Team Leaders: Russell Byrd, David Crummack
Technical Director: Craig Galley
Programming: Gari Biasillo, Brian Watson
Football Engine: Dave Schwalenberg, David Crummack
Presentation: Brian Watson, Darrin Stubbington
Club and Play Editors: John Carlsen
Additional Programming: Jeff Spangenberg, Craig Galley
Art Director: Matt Stubbington
Assistant Art Director: Jools Watsham
Lead Artist: Tami Crabb
Player Animations: William B. Yeatts, Michael McCallion, Gregg Hargrove
Presentation Art: Robbie Miller, Adam McCarthy, Tami Crabb, Mando Medrano, Scott Brocker, Patrick Thomas
Additional Art: Darrin Stubbington, Brian Watson
Music Coordinator: Jay Moon
Music: Fox Productions
Sound Effects: Kirk Winterrowd
Iguana Special Thanks to: Carl Wade, Curt Winterrowd, Melissa Marciano, Milo Moosekat, Sceaphtea Ghoti, Danger Dude, Mike Spangenberg, Beth Spangenberg, Tammy Pyle, Jane Notgrass, Lemon the Cat, Malcs plush toys

Producer: Robert Leingang (QB #7)
Associate Producer: James Johnson (ILB #57)
Original Concept: Robert Leingang, James Johnson, Two Other Guys
Game Analysts: Steffan Levine (OLB #56), Mark Mermelstein (G #68)
Testing: Acclaim Q.A.
Player Attributes: Steffan Levine, James Johnson, Robert Leingang
Research: James Johnson, Steffan Levine
NFL: Gene Goldberg
NFL Photos: Tom Snelling, Paul Spinelli
Special Thanks to: Diane Cambria (RB #33), Carol Caracciolo (WR #82), Billy Pidgeon (CB #28), Ken Heidman (ILB #54), Rob Picone (DT #91), Michael Archer (TE #88), Eric Samulski (WR #80), Monica Leingang (RB #31), Gregg Giles (QB 2 #17), Eric Hendrickson (WR #81), Nathaniel Gunter (OLB #77), Dale Taylor (RB #39), Hal Turkiewicz (G #69), Adam Ingberman (S #26)


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